Comment setup

Now to add some comments to this blog. Utterances looks promising. It uses github issue comments to provide the commenting infrastructure, so should be easy to setup.

Summarising the steps I went through, we have:

  1. From the utterances webpage, install utterances to the deployed repository (i.e. <username>

  2. Still on the utterances webpage, set up the repo, blog post to issue mapping, theme, etc. As these are changed, the script at the bottom of the page to copy and paste will update automatically.

  3. Copy the "enable uttterances" script to ./layouts/partials/footer_custom.html (this path may be different for a different theme - check the theme docs). Okay, this didn't work for me (the comment box was below the footer and too small to be useful). Instead, I found that adding the utterances script to ./themes/beautifulhugo/layouts/_default/single.html in the right location (immediately before the section for disqus or staticman comments) was sufficient.

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