Selecting which python to use with org-babel

When working with org-babel, it's useful to be able to select from which environment python is run. There's the obvious brute-force approach - activating the appropriate environment before launching emacs - but quitting and restarting emacs is a lot of hassle if you need to change the environment in a running emacs. Besides, I'm a big advocate of launching emacs on startup, and only exiting it when you shutdown your computer. So here, I'll show how to choose the python being run within org-babel.

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Making init files intelligible

One of the issues with an editor as configurable as emacs is that an emacs .init.el file ends up an unmaintanable mess of barely understood code snippets, duplicate and contradictory settings, and a treasure trove of forgotten knowledge.

We can do better.

So in this post I'll show you how to have a documented, human-readable emacs configuration file.

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